As a group of children’s books illustrators, we gathered to help improve this field in our country, because we think that children’s books aid in forming the foundations of art and culture, as well as help us improve our country’s international profile. Some of our main aims are, the presentation and the development of the art of children’s books illustration, the announcement of national and international contests and the presentation of the illustrators in our country in the international area by organizing exhibitions and activities, both here and abroad.

We believe that it is possible to create new dimensions and tendancies appropriate for the new needs and dynamics of the children’s editions, with the help of the communication between the illustrators and the editors. To be able to pave the way to this communication area, we founded this web site which has the name of our group: Boyalı Kuş. The interaction built between illustrators and editors will no doubt have a positive effect on attaining our objectives of encouraging a more healthy and modern viewpoint in the sector of children’s editions.