• I grow up in Ankara. I like to illustrate and write (I keep my articles just for me now) for children. Except illustrations I also do stamp designing for PTT (Turkish Post Company). I am also an Artist in Stockimage. Although I am finishing my works on computer, I still like be in touch with paper, pen, paints and cats.
  • I am working since 1991 in this sector. I also interested and did Animations and Productions for a while. After all my trials in Illustration area (where possibly I could have more area to move) I work everyday more than 18 hours in a sector which people must get renewed everyday appeal for all people. But this minimum overtime is in my home. Although I had no enough time to be close to children it always made me happy when I could see them by reading books.
  • There is no any sector where Artists, Illustrators and Concept Designers can work and use it freely. So, these occupations which become consumed values very quickly needs economy. Our materials are not so expensive and not out of reach.
  • Finally, I am an employee who try to work according to this idea for being more efficient by producing arts, exhibits and protecting the idea. Of course seeing children by reading books makes me happy in a country where the reading rates are increasingly get lower.