Şükran KIRCI



  • Şükran Kırcı completed her primary and secondary school education in Tekirdağ and Edirne. She finished Painting Department of the Atatürk Education Faculty in Marmara University. Following graduation, she worked as a painting teacher in Middle and High Schools in various cities of Turkey. In 1986, she joined the Animation Group, which was formed under the Artistic Services Department in TRT Ankara Television. In the graphics and animation service, she designed visuals and animations for various documentaries, educational and cultural programs. She worked primarily for various children's programs. She painted beautiful pictures for tales, stories and poetry books. She drawn educational illustrations for pre-school and primary school children. She produced title sequence films for children's series using various animation techniques. She developed stage decors and costumes for TV programs and children plays. She designed children's books, textbooks and magazines for various publishing houses. She was always inspired from the time she lived in the farmhouse in a small village in Trakya, from her childhood experiences in a pastoral environment, from nature and most of all her beloved children and cat. She continues to work in Istanbul.