Ferit AVCI



  • He was born in a small mining town in the region of Artvin. His childhood passed on the trees. When he came down he first scribbled on earth, walls and then notebooks and edges of the book pages. He wanted so much to play a musical instrument. Most of the clarinet... He loved all living things in nature, most of the cats ... He tried to laugh and bringing the people laughing too. Mostly he laughed to himself. He read the books about for children, cartoon and comic books rather than other books. He couldn’t give up being childish while he was growing up. He even couldn’t be angry when the adults told him “Are you still a child?”
  • For years he wrote and drew in the children's magazine. His best readers were the children. Also he can not know the number of his illustrations which he had draw for children books. He has won the first price by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Eflatun Cem Güney Children Book Contest which he’s also written and illustrated called “Did you see the red Elephant?” He also won a honorable mention award from Tudem Children Books Contest, with his book “My Little Tiny Red Fish”.
  • He has been participated in exhibitions and competitions abroad. In this way he could see many different Countries. He settled in a small village in the Mediterranean region. He lives here with birds, insects, reptiles and other creatures very friendly. He still continue by climbing on the trees, drawing and reading books.